About us

Relational Data Systems (RDS) has been enabling our customers to achieve their digital transformation goals in the lodgement, registry and geospatial business domains since 2006. RDS combines our business domain expertise with our passion for technology to design and implement solutions to achieve your strategic goals with highly scalable, secure and reliable information systems.

RDS has been part of the Land Services SA group of companies since January 2020, providing access to increased operational and technology experience in the Land and Registry business domains.

RDS’ commitment to quality and security has been demonstrated through our implementation of an ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified Quality and Information Security Management System.

What We Do

RDS works with our customers to help define their strategic visions for digital transformation. Through this process RDS works with our customers to identify the highest value opportunities and a path to implementing solutions to meet the organisation’s vision.

Online Lodgement

RDS has extensive experience implementing lodgement portals for government and regulatory bodies. These portal’s provide guided workflows for your customers to submit applications and statutory instruments, providing:

  • A detailed validation and business rules – reducing the likelihood of rework
  • Full integration with processing workflows, ensuring a seamless end-to-end experience
  • Realtime updates and communication with clients, providing process transparency

Lodgement portals include:

Electronic Registries

RDS has developed a wide range of registry systems for our customers, including:

Land Information Systems

The RDS team have implemented and continue to enhance three Australia integrated land information systems:

  1. SAILIS – The South Australian Integrated Land Information System
  2. ACTLIS – The Australian Capital Territory Land Information System
  3. ILIS – The Northern Territory Integrated Land Information System

Recent achievements on these systems include:

  • Transition of 97% of all Land Transfer dealings lodged in South Australia from paper to electronic, allowing instant recording of the Title Register while reducing error rates and requisitions.
  • Automatic validation and registration of 80% of electronically lodged dealings within South Australia, significantly reducing examination and registration times.

Spatial Data Management 

RDS has partnered with our customers to implement a wide range of spatial data management solutions. These solutions include:

  • South Australian Digital Plan Lodgement - Spatial and mathematical processing of electronically lodged plans, allowing online rendering, upfront validation and spatial processing of CAD drawing files.
  • NR Maps - NR Maps is a web mapping tool to discover, research and map natural and cultural research data for the Northern Territory. RDS worked with NTG to implement NR Maps, including the integration of spatial layers from a variety of datasets.  RDS continues to work NTG to enhance NRMaps.
  • NRDB – NRDB is the NTG primary Natural Resource information database.  The RDS team worked with the NTG to expand the range of dataset managed within this database and the publish relevant datasets to NR Maps.
  • Spatial Territory Resource Information Kit for Exploration (STRIKE) – STRIKE provides spatial representations of scientific and tenure information related to minerals and energy. The RDS team worked with the NTG to implement STRIKE, including integrating a wide range of natural resource and tenure datasets into a single dissemination database.



RDS has proudly maintained an ISO9001 certified Quality Management System since 2009, ensuring a continued focus on process improvement and customer satisfaction. Annual independent audits of this system are performed by SAI Global.


RDS is proud to announce the ISO27001 certification of our Information Security Management System in March 2020. Annual independent audits of this system are performed by BSI Global.