RDS  is uniquely qualified in the implementation of electronic lodgement solutions, having implemented NECDS-compliant electronic conveyancing solutions for two Australian jurisdictions. We have collaborated closely with Australian Electronic Lodgement Network Operators PEXA and Sympli in ensuring robust, resilient and secure interfaces were implemented for the electronic lodgement of dealings.

Leveraging the electronic lodgement of dealings, we have implemented a reusable Auto Registration Framework into the South Australian Land Registry for the automated registration of dealings.

The use of the Electronic Conveyancing and Auto Registration frameworks brings several benefits, including:

  • Increased engagement and satisfaction from customers, including financial institutions and conveyancers
  • Increased efficiency and reduction in processing times
  • The removal of manual data capture and the opportunity for human error in the dealing registration process.

Some examples of Electronic Conveyancing and Automatic Registration solutions implemented by RDS include:

  • SAILIS Electronic Conveyancing and Automatic Registration
  • ACTLIS Electronic Conveyancing