The RDS Team have a proud record of partnering with customers to facilitate Digital Transformation in Land Management business processes. We have assisted partners to achieve positive outcomes in digitising paper-based processes, such as our implementation of Survey Approvals Online in the Northern Territory, moving from a manual, paper-based, to a fully digitised process capturing over 95% of lodged transactions.

Our Team includes skilled digital transformation experts, with many years of experience, who are able to:

  • Capture As-Is Process: Capture and document the current state of a business process, including pain points and opportunities for improvement.
  • Analyse and Refine:  Using our team's extensive experience to apply best practice learnings across Australian jurisdictions.
  • Define To-Be Process: In Collaboration with our customers, we create a vision of an aspirational state for the business processes, covering both streamlined information systems, as well as people and process structures in support of the updates process.
  • Define Transitional States: Define a roadmap of initiatives, with intermediate states, to achieve the aspirational state, including initiatives covering people, process, and technology.
  • Implement Transformation: Implement each initiative while facilitating change management with internal and external stakeholders.