RDS has implemented lodgements portals for multiple government registries and regulatory bodies. These portals provide guided workflows for customers to submit applications and statutory instruments, providing:

  • Detailed validation and business rules, ensuring accuracy and completion of applications prior to lodgement, reducing manual validation effort and rework.
  • The ability to save and retrieve applications, that may be edited and completed over multiple sessions prior to submissions.
  • Full integration with processing workflows, ensuring a seamless end-to-end experience.
  • Realtime updates and communications with clients, providing process transparency

Such lodgement portals can be implemented in conjunction with internal-facing land information systems, or as standalone applications integrating with existing business systems. Lodgement portals can  be implemented as 'on-premise' applications or hosted and delivered by us 'As A Service' leveraging our ISO27001- certified AWS platform.

Notable lodgement portal solutions implemented by RDS include: