The RDS Team specialise in the implementation, enhancement and support of land information systems.  RDS have implemented, and continue to support and enhance, Integrated Land Information Systems (ILIS) in three Australian jurisdictions:

  1. SAILIS - The South Australian Integrated Land Information System
  2. ACTLIS - The Australian Capital Territory Land Information System
  3. ILIS - The Northern Territory Integrated Land Information System

At the core, each of these systems serves as the Electronic Land Title Register for their respective jurisdictions.  Beyond that, there are additional 'bolt-on' modules which support the lodgement and management of a variety of adjacent land management business processes.  Each of those modules can be customised to support business specific requirements for each implementation. Through leveraging these modules, ILIS can be built out to support the entire end-to-end land development lifecycle. The ILIS platform also supports the purchase of products, such a regulated extracts from the Land Title Register, by external stakeholders. These can be via public-facing portals, or through electronic interfaces such as APIs. API's can also be leveraged to allow for broader consumption of land information data.

The adoption of a single platform to support the end-to-end land development life cycle brings several benefits, including:

  • Consistent user experience, for both internal and external stakeholders, across all land-related business transactions
  • A single source of truth for all land-related business transactions
  • Seamless integration of data between land-related business transactions
  • A reduced technology sprawl, through use of a single, modern, industry-standard technology stack
  • Reduced cost and time to implement, through leveraging a mature framework and a library of reusable modules
  • Reduced costs and risks of ongoing support

ILIS-based solutions can be implemented as both on-premise applications or hosted and delivered by RDS, leveraging our ISO27001- certified AWS platform.