RDS have significant experience in implementing digital lodgement solutions including the implementation of specific customised solutions supporting of survey plans.

In partnership with industry stakeholders, we have implemented a digital plan lodgement solution for the lodgement of all plans in South Australia.  The solution requires all plans to be prepared as a DWG file to a defined CAD Standard at lodgement, automated validations are executed, giving customers immediate, real-time feedback on the accuracy of their plans.

This solution brings several benefits, including:

  • Automated upfront validation of digital files prior to lodgement, allowing issues to be resolved by the customer and reducing delays.
  • Increased consistency of examination rules, improving predictability for customers when lodging plans.
  • The pre-population of template digital plan files, reducing work required by customers to draft plans.
  • Improved communication channels with customers, by providing on-site training to users and a dedicated end-user support channel.

Digital Plan Lodgement allows LSSA to provide the State Government high quality digital plan data to update the State Digital Cadastral Data Base (DCDB). Some examples of Survey Plan Lodgement solutions implemented by RDS include: