RDS has extensive experience in the provision of business-as-usual support services for mission-critical software, provided by our dedicated support teams. The extent and nature of this service varies based on the clients' needs, ranging from minimalist break/fix support through to round-the-clock support, as well as provision solution enhancements. We have the ability to deliver application support services through staff augmentation, or an outsourced RDS Team.

Each Support Team is led by a Service Delivery Manager, who is responsible for the delivery of all support services. They will triage, allocate, and manage incidents and issues related to the supported applications and platforms. Each Manager is supported by a dedicated support team, comprised of dedicated specialist technical resources. Depending on the technical and contractual requirements of the support arrangement, the core capabilities of this group may include:

  • Application development
  • Database administration
  • Data and analytics
  • Cloud administration
  • Test execution
  • Security administration
  • Audit and compliance

We are able to offer Application Management and Support for applications running on in-house client infrastructure and can leverage the AWS Managed Service capability to offer a full stack service.

We provide support for several mission-critical systems that require 24/7 support and are subject to Service Level Agreements (SLA's) on availability and performance. We have a proud tradition of achieving and exceeding SLAs on all supported systems and have never breached those agreements. RDS have built a suite of monitoring alerts, to actively manage these SLAs, and identify potential issues in a timely fashion.

DevOps and CI/CD

RDS has a strong background in DevOps and CI/CD pipelines, using a combination of Atlassian and AWS toolsets. Some of that experience includes:

  • Use of Bitbucket for Source Code Management, including code review, release management ect.
  • Use of Jenkins for automated build/deploy pipelines.
  • Use of Nexus for artefact repository and deployment.
  • Use of AWS CloudFormation for 'infrastructure as code' templating, automating the stand up and tear down of application stacks.
  • The use of Flyway for the management of application of database changes.

GIS Competency

GIS Competency

RDS has capabilities across several GIS technologies providing analysis and support for land management system deployments. Specific technologies the team have experience in includes:

  • ArcGIS
  • Oracle Spatial 10g/11g/12g
  • PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  • FME product suite including Workbench and Spatial Direct
  • Precisely Spectrum and MapInfo
  • TileCache
  • MapProxy
  • GDAL
  • Weave
  • OpenLayers
  • Google maps API and Google Spatial web services
  • GeoServer