RDS has a mature AWS practice, supporting its core capabilities in Application Development and Digital Transformation, facilitating the delivery of full-stack solutions to clients in an outsourced manner. We are an AWS Select Tier Partner, and have achieved our ISO9001 and ISO27001 certification, allowing solutions to be delivered as managed services, providing high quality and secure end-to-end support.

Our AWS SysOps team includes over 15 specialist AWS certifications, and supports the creation and management of solutions on the AWS platform covering:

  • Organisation and multi-account structures
  • Networking and security configuration aligned to AWS best practice
  • Resiliency through multi-AZ deployments, snapshot creation & recovery and auto scaling groups.
  • Compute images and deployment covering Pets and Cattle
  • Use of native AWS services including Lambda, RDS and SQS.

Our AWS team also has migration experience, through the migration of core applications for LSSA to AWS. This included:

  • Migration of Oracle database to AWS native RDS postgreSQL instances
  • Establishment of build and deploy pipelines to automate the release process
  • Implementation of a pattern-based integration approach , using native AWS services, including API Gateway, Lambda, SQS and SNS.
  • Cloud Event monitoring and notification services based on CloudWatch, PagerDuty and Slack
  • Stack deployments managed through Sceptre and Ansible

AWS Services

We employ qualified Solution Architects, and SysOps and DevOps resources with experience in supporting complex enterprise systems on AWS platforms. This experience includes:

  • Amazon Linux - Amazon Linux is used across many of the systems RDS supports. Our team is experienced in provisioning, configuration of auto-scaling, security hardening, patching, supporting, right sizing and automating the deployment of software.
  • AWS S3 - S3 is used for data storage within platforms RDS supports, such as document storage (e.g. survey plan images), sharing of data extracts with third parties, and application logs. RDS has significant experience in provisioning S3 buckets, securing buckets to prevent unauthorised access, diagnosing and resolving access issues, and integrating with other AWS services such as SFTP.
  • AWS SQS & SNS - SQS & SNS are used across solutions RDS has developed and supported for the implementation of asynchronous between external services, including other AWS native services.
  • AWS Lambda - Lambda is used for platform automation tasks and for application integration message processing and transformation.

In addition to the AWS services discussed above , we have experience across a wide range of AWS services covering key areas such as:

  • Virtual Private Cloud and Route53
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS RDS database administration
  • Secrets Manager
  • Elastic Search
  • Amazon WAF and Shield
  • CloudWatch
  • Transit Gateway


RDS has built significant capability in AWS monitoring. RDS's experience in monitoring includes:

  • The use of AWS CloudWatch to monitor cloud events on the RDS AWS platform
  • Integration with Slack and PagerDuty for notifcation of CloudWatch events that require escalation
  • Ingestion of log data into Splunk for security monitoring